The Grand Opening of The Butcher’s Arms set for Sat 27th August at 1pm.

The Butcher’s Arms grand opening ceremony will be Sat 27th August at 1pm.
I am delighted that John Stubbs is travelling from Australia to do the honors along with his Sister Lottie in attendance.

John spent his childhood at the Butcher’s Arms as his mum Olive owned it.
It will be a great to have John & his family here as it will be as special for them as it will be for us as a community.

The share certificates will be posted out next week.

There will be an article in the Guardian with pictures of the work force ( investors & volunteers ) at the pub tomorrow Wed 6th July.
We do still hope to be open by the very end of July, but will keep you informed as there is quite a lot to do.

There are holiday cottages & B&B handy so if you are coming to the opening & want to stay over let me know & I will put you in touch with the owners.

I am so looking forward to the pub being opened. It is hard at times, there are so many decisions & phone calls to make & we’re trying to do the best we possibly can for you as investors. Also we are doing the refurbishment on the ground floor to compliment the building as much as is possible. There was a beautiful oak beam that came out of an internal wall, so it is being used as a characterful wooden mantlepiece.

Sophie Stubbs & her husband Andy (John Stubbs daughter & son-in-law) are musicians from Glasgow who are going to write a song for us for the opening & would like investors input about what your thoughts are about this community venture. Some of you have already told me but as we have now 284 shareholders, there are a lot of new ones since I last asked you.

Please email your input / thoughts to me then I will forward it on to help with the Lyrics. Anything quirky or rhyming also.

Many thanks to all the helpers, we do know & appreciate that a large number of you are unable to give your time as you live too far away.

Kitty Secretary, LCP  Tel 01931715375


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I used to be the webmaster for the Lyvennet Valley Community in Eden, Cumbria. I now live in Louisiana with my wife and assist remotely.
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