Apologia: Some Earlier Posts In January And February Were Put On The LCT Site

I apologise for placing the following posts on the LCT website by mistake.

The LCP Secretary sent the information to share-holders by email but I did not post them to the LCP News Blog.

They can be viewed here:

09/02/2012 08:44 AM
The Lyvennet Community Pub Wins North West Category of the Countryside Alliance awards
This news from The Lyvennet Community Pub Secretary maybe of interest! “I am delighted to inform any of you that are investors in  The lyvennet Community Pub that we have won the North West category of the Countryside Alliance awards. We now know the date of the final, which is- Wed 7th March in London at […]


18/01/2012 05:32 PM
the butchers arms
Just to let you know that The Butchers Arms will not be serving food next week, it will however be open for drinks in the evenings. Normal food service will be served from lunchtime Sat 27th January. We would like to buy a TV for the games room, this is to hopefully be of use […]


09/01/2012 12:02 PM
the butchers arms update 2012
Happy New Year to all of you as investors in The Butchers Arms. Many thanks to all of you who supported the various events that have taken place at the pub. The carol singing raised £127 towards the St. Lawrence’s Church Roof Fund. When Santa visited on Christmas Eve, 38 children came along to meet […]

Charles Paxton

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I used to be the webmaster for the Lyvennet Valley Community in Eden, Cumbria. I now live in Louisiana with my wife and assist remotely.
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