Butchers Arms Update 30 October 2013

How time flies! The last update we posted on our website for the Butchers Arms was 15th July 2013 when we reported on the 2nd Annual General Meeting. In the final section of the meeting we outlined the next 12 months work which included the completion of a dry store and upstairs meeting / dining room

Works have progressed well over the summer with the new Dry Store fully complete. This is part of the old garage building which has been split to provide a storage area for food, soft drinks, equipment and fridge freezers. The new store has been lined and insulated, walls rendered, painted with a new floor screed laid. The photographs below show the improvements from before and after works were completed.


The Butchers Arms outside store

The outside store
One of the upstairs bedrooms at The Butchers Arms

One of the upstairs bedrooms at The Butchers Arms









The Butchers Arms store after refurbishment


The newly completed fire escape

               The upstairs dining and meeting space has also been progressed and we are working towards an end November 2013 opening. The requisite fire escape has been constructed leading from the stairs half landing through a newly installed doorway onto a painted and galvanised steel fire escape.

The electrically operated fire blind at the bottom of the stairs has been installed although we are currently having some minor teething problems. The blind is linked to the fire alarm system and automatically drops when the alarm system operates, or at least that is the theory!  By the time the upstairs room is ready for commissioning we are confident that the technical issues will be resolved.

We have removed walls between two of the upstairs bedrooms, our electricians have carried out their first fix, the ceiling has been re-boarded, new radiators installed and work has started on installing the new fire doors required to meet fire regulations. At the time of writing this article the room is being completely re-plastered.

butchers_arms_firstfloor_during_refurbishment butchers_arms_first_floorr_refurbishment

The carpet fitters are booked for 19th November so the joinery work, second fix electrical and painting and decorating teams are under pressure.

When finished the room which has fantastic views through three windows over open fields to the East and will have a capacity of 20-30 being bookable for parties, family gatherings, meetings etc. The latter is supported by a grant recently awarded to the Lyvennet Activity Group; the lunch club group which has now purchased 6 laptops, an A4/A5 wireless printer / scanner, flip chart, projector and screen. The Group are currently advertising computer training which will be run initially from the Butchers.

The Beer Garden will be temporarily closed during the renovation of the pipingAs if that was not enough we are also part way through connecting the pub up to the new village sewerage scheme. Like most jobs this has proved more complex than expected with the multitude of connections for the pub all flowing the wrong direction along with broken drainage pipes under the property. We are basically rerouting all foul drainage to the outside of the building with the intention of abandoning all under building drainage. This will ensure no future maintenance issues but does involve considerably more work. We are also replacing all upstairs bathroom pipework moving from a macerator system to a full 100mm piped system. A consequence of this work has been the closure of our beer garden and smoking shelter with the area resembling a battlefield made all the worse by heavy rainfall.

The kitchen will also get a state of the art stainless steel fat trap to ensure all fats and solids are captured for disposal and do not enter the sewerage system. Finally roof water has to be separated and rerouted and the septic tank de-commissioned.

We have also commissioned some secondary glazing for 8 of the windows which should reduce drafts and help minimise heating costs.


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