Butchers Arms – Tenancy

It’s hard to believe that this August will see us celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the opening of the Butchers Arms!
Our original 3 year lease with Keith Taylor and Bev Percy expires at the end of July this year (they took up occupation on 1st July 2011 to allow then to prepare the business for the grand opening on 27th August). We are in the process of extending this lease by 1 month to 31st August 2014.
The Board have been in discussion with Keith and Bev over lease renewal for some weeks but have to report that we have been unable to reach a conclusion acceptable to both parties. It is in the light of this, that the Directors have therefore taken the decision to progress advertising of the tenancy with immediate effect.
Securing tenants and their establishment in the pub on 1st September 2014 is absolutely critical for the Butchers Arms, and the continued success of the pub. Obviously this process needs to go ahead as soon as possible to give the LCP Directors time to vet candidates and most importantly allow potential tenants who may already be in a leased pub time to serve notice.
Adverts will appear shortly on our website, in the Butchers Arms and in all local papers as will hopefully news items which can be utilised to drum up interest.
From the Directors perspective we see the advertising of the business tenancy as an opportunity to both explore tenant interest and potentially to move the business on to the next level. It is worthy of note that the Old Crown at Hesket Newmarket has changed its tenants on three occasions with the level of interest rising dramatically with each change.
The Directors will of course consider an application from the existing tenants should they decide to express an interest during the process.
The particulars will be posted on the LCP website next week and will be viewable on the News page at www.lyvennetcommunitypub.org.
As always we will continue to keep you informed throughout the process.

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