Do you want to become a shareholder?

Do you want to become a shareholder?

Prospectus for Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd  2014 cover

Prospectus for Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd  2014, click to visit Prospectus page

The Butchers Arms is a very successful community pub with a local, national and international following. The pub was purchased and renovated by shareholders in 2011 and at that time was the 6th cooperative pub in the country. There are now over 30, with a regular stream of groups coming to explore our community ownership model.

Due to the planned share withdrawal by one of our corporate funders we have a small number of shares available. Do not miss your opportunity to become an investor.

The minimum shareholding is £250 and over the last two years the LCP has paid shareholder interest at 3%.

Further information is available on the Prospectus page.

If you are interested in becoming a shareholder please complete an investment form detailing your financial interest and forward to the secretary (the email and postal addresses can be found on the contacts page). Please note that by completing a membership form at this point you are not committing yourself to buy a share simply lodging an interest.

If shares are available the Secretary will contact you otherwise you will be entered on our waiting lists and will be contacted when shares become available.

Shareholder News November 2014, The Butchers Arms.

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I used to be the webmaster for the Lyvennet Valley Community in Eden, Cumbria. I now live in Louisiana with my wife and assist remotely.
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