About Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd

Thank you for visiting. This is the interactive blog that serves as adjunct to The Lyvennet Community Pub (LCP) Ltd website.
The Lyvennet Community Pub (LCP) Ltd was formed to purchase and re-open the Butcher’s Arms, the only pub in Crosby Ravensworth, Cumbria.  It had been a very busy and successful pub in the past, but with the illness of the owners its trade declined and the pub closed in 2009.
The proposal to form a co-operative to purchase and re-open the Butcher’s Arms was initiated by the Lyvennet Community Trust. The Trust was established in January 2009 following the publication of the Community Plan and Housing Needs Survey and it has since been working on a number of initiatives including the provision of affordable housing in the area.

LCP Ltd shares are for members who would like to join the co-operative and become a joint owner of a traditional Cumbrian pub, where they would always find a warm welcome. For more details please see the About page of Lyvennet Community Pub main website .

* Investors in any public share offering should be advised that the value of shares may fall or rise over time


2 Responses to About Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd

  1. Hi, My name is Ruth Pettigrew I am a member of The Victoria Hotel Community Association, St Annes, Lancashire. We were formed to save our pub from closure & demolition. We successfully defended the planning application in April it is now our intention to form a co-operative to raise funds to purchase & renovate the pub. Would it be possible for some our members to come & visit to meet with some of your members to discuss your business plan, share options, etc pitfalls, & any advice you can give us ? You can find more about us by checking our website. If this isn’t the right forum to discuss this request can you let me know the best person to contact & their details ? Thanks a lot

    • lvcpnews says:

      Hello Ruth,

      My apologies for the delay in my response. Today I have passed your message on to board members of Lyvennet Community Pub Ltd.

      Best wishes,


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